• Hand-held device for ProJump mat (Dutch link)
  • CapSense® buttons
  • True-Color OLED Display/li>
  • Powered by Lithium Ion battery
  • Lithium Ion battery charger
  • Comunicates with PC over USB interface



GPS Timing receiver carrier board



RFID for Fitness Equipment

  • Intergrated 13.56MHz PCB Antenna
  • Fully isolated RS-485 bus
  • Multi-Master Multidrop protocol
  • Comunicates with treadmill motor controller over the MODBUS protocol



Low Power Induction Heater

  • High Frequency (>100KHz) output switching
  • High efficiency MOSFET H-bridge allows currents in excess of 20A
  • PWM Parameters configurable via USB interface



Serial Port Timer

  • Times on/off events from connected ProJump mat (Dutch link)
  • Directly powered from the serial port
  • Extremely tiny form factor. Fits inside D-Sub 9 housing.



Fitness Equipment Reader

  • Wheatstone Bridge measures weights
  • MODBUS interface communicated with treadmill
  • Digital and analog I/O for heart-rate monitor, brakes, distance sensor etc…
  • Communicates with panel PC through USB



IGBT Power Brigde

  • High power (3.5KVA) PWM output
  • High speed opto-isolated drivers

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