This is a project I did while working for iPerform Software commissioned by Biometrics. The initial project name was “DisplayBox”, the final product name was the “iLink”.


It’s a hand-held device used for rehabilitation. It connects to a “Jump Mat” which is basically a mat with a contact that closes whenever a person steps or jumps on it. It has a graphical true-color (16M colors, 24 bits) OLED display, CapSense™ buttons (like the I-Pod), a lithium-ion battery for system power, a USB interface and an RJ45 connector with a serial port and handshaking. The handshaking signals are only used to detect the state of the “Jump Mat” while the serial port is used for debugging purposes as well as accessing an 8MBit flash chip containing fonts and background images.
Of course I can’t post any technical details or schematics due to NDA, but I can post pictures of the product and the boards.

Here’s a picture of the initial prototyping stage while setting up the OLED communication. As you can see I keep a hammer nearby, in case things get out of hand.

These are the final PCB’s for this hand-held gadget:


For pictures of various stages of development check out the gallery

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